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Club IT, Part One
Daniel Rudin, LaTarcha Bush, Damion Robinson, Nakita Volcy
August 2, 2010
Kathleen Clark

Club IT, Part One Club IT has such an important mission in every corporation. It is always important that the IT department is always available in case any issue occurs. Club IT has a big clientele and to keep the company growing it is important to keep all the clientele satisfied. Club IT uses information resources that include intranet resources, which is very vital to enhance some systems. For Club IT to keep growing and stay consistent, it has been very important to study different strategies to keep cost in control, and keep one step in front of all the competition. This way we can grow our primary clientele.
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On a wider level, IT has important insinuations for value of existence. The office can be long-drawn-out from the old-style nine to five employment at a predominant site to twenty-four hours a day at some position. IT can deliver staffs with elasticity that can meaningfully recover the value of freedom time, even if it doesn’t upsurge the entire quantity of freedom time. (Rainer, & Turban, 2008).
Club IT information resources include intranet resources. These resources demonstrate the role of the information technology department and how its information resources are managed.
Club IT information resources intranet system would be a vital asset to the improvement and upgrades that Ruben and Lisa have made to the club. The intranet system and club IT website can be used to display a virtual tour of the new remodel interior of the club. This will give potential customers the view of the floor plan, seating arrangement, the high ceiling, and high energy lighting, guarantying them a night of fun and soaring energy music. The intranet system will provide a wide exposure for club IT to the public, showing what an enjoyable atmosphere it is to be a part of and the events taking place.
The website will be a guide to Club IT customer indentifying the hours of operation, dining, and menus options. This web page will have information about food, drinks special, and any merchandise that the club is selling. The club website will show the music that will be playing;

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