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My first thought would be to implement a web-based portal where all employees would have an id number that would individualize their sales, hold all HR information for all employees, manage inventory, capture client information and manage the actual books of the business. From a customer perspective Club IT would capture personalized information where we could segment all communications to customers, mail out offers and announcement of special events.

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Today there are many systems that would be able to enhance Club IT and make it successful three of those systems are as follows and how I plan to recommend and implement them at Club IT:

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) (Rainer & Turban, 2009, Chapter 8) the ability to implement a multi functional platform that would be able to manage - Club IT inventory, budget and even employee information on one platform. We would also be able to manage our Human Resources, Inventory, Client profiles, Employee Sales, Annual budget and bonus, Club performance on a week day basis, Manage live shows, and Marketing programs. It does have some drawbacks. It is complex system and would need to replace any other system in place but it would save time and be cost efficient.
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