Club It Part One Essay

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Club IT, Part 1

Club IT is located in the center of downtown. It is owned and operated by Rueban Keys and Lisa Tejada. While going to college, Rueban and Lisa supported themselves by performing in local nightclubs. With both of them having a passion for music and degrees in Business Administration they had a dream to open up a nightclub.
I was very excited to be hired as an intern to analyze the Club IT informational needs. I had the opportunity to visit the club first hand one Friday night to check out the club scene. After having a wonderful time I began to come up questions about the club and the particular clientele they served. With the internal remodeling of the club that had been done it so happened it created a
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Rueban and Lisa want to build a community where people can meet regularly and have fun. Rueban and Lisa are unquestionably music lovers with high spirits. This has given me plenty of ideas to enhance the Club’s Exposure in regards to information technology.
The Club It is new and has not been largely advertised, so there is not a huge IT department nor was there a need for one prior to this. There is a need for the owners to be able to manage their information resources. The club is using an older intranet system, which is also accessed by the employees. The website consists of basic information for customers and employees. However, it was noted that if new information comes in then it would require that the managers would have to have the information entered into the computer. I would make a suggestion for the software to be upgraded so both the name and the driver’s licenses can be given to the host. This would allow repeated customers to come into the club more quickly by saying their names; in doing this the club could help get more clientele into the club with less waiting time. These computers could be located by the door and at the bar inside the nightclub. By having this system could also eliminate any underage drinkers as well. Since the nightclub is not very large, it would be sufficient to have 3 computers for

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