Club Gelato Case Study

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Register to read the introduction… Because it is not only own choice which make a person buy a product. There are other factors which make consumer know about the product and even they influence to buy the product. The result for Club Gelato is given below:

9. Internal Factors Affect Consumer’s Mind
9.1 Perception:
The nature of the perception of “Club Gelato” can be classified into three stages.
9.1.1 Exposure:
It Occurs when a stimulus, such as “Club Gelato” has kept ice-cream, coffee, deserts and other food and drink items in its retail store comes within the range of individual’s sensory receptor nerves; in the case of “Club Gelato”, it is simply vision. Exposure can be two ways:
• Random:
We as customers are exposed to “Club Gelato” on a random basis. For example, while passing through the road we may all of a sudden see ice-cream decorated in the ice-cream parlor which we did not seek out.
• Deliberate:
Exposure might also be deliberate by customers. For example, a person may look for ice-cream in a store when he feels the need to eat.
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Measuring actions or intended actions
The last I visited the ice- cream parlor__________

The chart shows that 28% customers visited Club Gelato last time whereas maximum no. of respondent (32%) visited Move n Pick. Others visited Baskin n robins(10%), Anderson(17%),Sub Zero(10%) and others(3%).
So we see the there is a good variety among respondents.

I usually prefer to visit____________________

From the survey we see that maximum no. of customers (30%) consumed from Move n Pick. Then, 20% consumed from Club Gelato, 19% from Baskin n Robins, 14% from Anderson and only 13% from Sub Zero and 4% others.
What is the probability that you will go to Club Gelato the next time you visit a fast food-------? Definitely will go Might go Probably will go
Probably will not go
Definitely will not go

According to the survey there is an optimistic sign for Club Gelato. Maximum number (37%) of respondent said that might go to Club Gelato whereas 32% said they probably go to Club Gelato. Though 1% said definitely they will not go to Club Gelato, it has also optimistic

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