Clouds Socrates Unjust Speech Essay

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The Carnage of Just Speech
William Myers
Section Eschenburg Thursday 9:00am
Topic B Aristophanes & Pericles

In Aristophanes’ play, “clouds”, there is a battle between the “old” and “new” way of going out about life. This can be seen through the “just” and “unjust” speech, whose argumentative outcomes dictate the way in which society should go about educating its citizens. The “unjust speech”, which is a heavy logical and manipulative approach to thinking about life (“new”), seems to subvert the “just speech”, which appears to rely on moral and mythical justification (“old”). Pericles, a prominent and influential Politian in Athens, has argued that democracy is the best form of government because it
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Isn’t it Zeus?”(West 378), to which Socrates replies “Not in the least. Its ethereal Vortex”(West 380). In this instance, Strepsiades is convinced through logic and science that Zeus doesn’t make it rain by “pissing through his sieve”(West 373). Eventually this leads Strepsiades to become more ambiguous about his institutions collective wisdom, and once again it aids to more confusion for just and power for unjust speech. In the case of Strepsiades, it leads to utter perplexity, which later causes him to burn down the “thinkry”. Furthermore, these two examples are analogous with the contemporary Gay Rights movement we see today. Gays not being able to get married stems from religious values (just speech), which say people are only supposed to be with opposite sex. Many Americans have built this into our collective wisdom, especially in the South. However, homosexuals challenge these religious ideologies with logic (unjust speech), which tries to persuade a religious conservative that just because god stated something doesn’t make it true or reasonable. The homosexual community, who may have a point, is challenging and manipulating the conservative wisdom through unjust speech, and if homosexuals win than more power represents their group then before. The result is another tradition (religious conservatives) is weakened, a new identity (Gays married) is

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