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An Operating System for Multicore and Clouds: Mechanisms and Implementation
David Wentzlaff Kevin Modzelewski Charles Gruenwald III Nathan Beckmann Adam Belay Lamia Youseff Jason Miller Anant Agarwal
Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory Massachusetts Institute of Technology Cambridge, MA 02139

Cloud computers and multicore processors are two emerging classes of computational hardware that have the potential to provide unprecedented compute capacity to the average user. In order for the user to effectively harness all of this computational
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The average computer user has an ever-increasing amount of computational power at their fingertips. Users have progressed from using mainframes to minicomputers to personal computers to laptops, and most recently, to multicore and cloud computers. In the past, new operating systems have been written for each new class of computer hardware to facilitate resource allocation, manage devices, and take advantage of the hardware’s increased computational capacity. The newest classes of computational hardware, multicore and cloud computers, need new operating systems to take advantage of the increased computational capacity and to simplify user’s access to elastic hardware resources. Cloud computing and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) promises a vision of boundless computation which can be tailored to exactly meet a user’s need, even as that need grows or shrinks rapidly. Thus, through IaaS systems, users should be able to purchase just the right amount of computing, memory, I/O, and storage to meet their needs at any given time. Unfortunately, counter to the vision, current IaaS systems do not provide the user the same experience as if they were accessing an infinitely scalable multiprocessor computer where resources such as memory, disk, cores, and I/O can all be easily hot-swapped. Instead, current IaaS systems lack systemwide operating systems, requiring users to

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