Essay on Cloud Security Alliance ( Csa )

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Data insecurity
Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) believes that the data is less secured when it is in use. There are different views of every organization. This is because every entity has its own experience and its opinion is based over it. The account might be high jacked, or there might be data breaches, or it is possible that it might be an inside job. The management or the owner is the first person who is responsible in case of any illegal activity. It is crucial to determine the reason of the breach and then to form the better strategy to deal with this issue.
APIs might also be insecure. Application programming interface needs to be secured from every viewpoint. There should be features associated with it that could avoid any security threat to the data that is either kept or is being used. The report has revealed these reasons after the considering the views of the respondents. The IT professional gave a better opinion as they are the master of this field.
Characteristics of the survey
The survey was conducted in august 2016 by the Osterman Research for the purpose of knowing the methods that the organizations apply to secure their data. The respondents of the research were the IT professionals. The data that was in cloud was the major point of the concerns for the researchers. The reasons and the concerns were asked from the respondents who have IT background. The report reveals that the high jacking was the main concern of the respondents. They were afraid of it. They…

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