Cloud Computing Essay

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Question 1. What is the most appropriate Cloud Deployment model (or combination) for BPI (Public, Private, Community, or Hybrid)?
One of the main things that we need to understand in the process of selecting the appropriate cloud development model for BPI is to understand what cloud deployment is all about. Cloud has been used for a while now and as business and security comes, it is predicted to be rising faster as years come by. The ubiquitous term cloud refers to anything that is being delivered today through the internet and in simple terms, cloud is where one can rent technology and information services on the internet through the providers. Most companies are today turning their focus on
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The other option is the public cloud which is a representation of a true cloud hosting. The deployment model provides various clients with services and infrastructure, just like how Google works (Rittinghouse and Ransome, 2010). It is good to remember that the parties involved in the operations of BPI also extends to banking institutions in order to sponsor the BINs, therefore this means that the deployment model should also accommodate such institutions in the services and infrastructure.
This means that the best deployment model that the company should use will need to combine these two models and that brings us to the hybrid cloud.
The hybrid cloud is a deployment model that allows businesses to take benefit from secured applications and hosting of data on the private cloud while at the same time the business will still be taking advantage of cost benefits by retaining the shared data and the applications on the public cloud. This is the deployment model that I would propose to BPI in order to solve the financial strains and security issues within its operations. The question therefore is how will this deployment model help the company grow to its forecasted limits?
First of all we need to understand the fact that BPI handles a lot of data from various countries that its branches are located and even apart from

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