Cloud Computing Essay examples

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Everyday enormous amount of data is being produced worldwide. Companies capture trillions of bytes of information about their customers, suppliers, and operations. IT organizations are exploring the analytics technologies to explore web-based data sources and extract value from the social networking boom. The organizations are trying to leverage Big Data by trying to make sense from the data that they have and by securing it. Already the forward thinking players of the banking, insurance, manufacturing, retail, wholesale, healthcare, communications, transportation, construction, utilities, and education are successfully using big data by exploiting meaningful information from all the data they have and using that information in …show more content…
Business owners can use these resources as per their requirement even if that is for few hours a day or few days a month and have to pay only for that actual use. Thus this new concept is becoming highly popular among IT organizations because of its flexibility and cost effectiveness. It is highly scalable and also can span quickly according to the requirements of individual organization yet still sharing the same resources.
Three months before the movie premiered, Volvo teamed up with LBI and started developing online interactive game as part of the Eclipse movie tie-in marketing campaign on Windows Azure Platform. Windows Azure Platform provides developers the functionality to build applications that span from consumer to enterprise scenarios. Windows Azure, Microsoft SQL Azure are the key components of the Windows Azure platform. As Windows Azure is the development, service hosting and service management environment for Windows Azure platform, developers from LBi created the application which is based on Microsoft .NET and other programing language. By using Microsoft Visual Studio, the team delivered online game in two weeks. The interactive game was hosted in Windows Azure, which handles the web-service requests that were triggered during game play. Managing and analyzing data in the cloud is just as important as it is anywhere else. Windows Azure provides a range of technologies working with relational and

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