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Cloud Computing – Potential New Era in Enterprise IT

‘Cloud Computing’ - the ICT buzzword these days is not as hazy as many IT professionals in the MEA region perceive it to be. In reality, it is merely a culmination of smarter ways of computing and data analysis. IT managers and enthusiasts have been talking about dynamic IT for over 10 years now and finally technology has progressed enough to induce a dynamic IT environment by deploying a smart mix of hardware, software and services. The involvement of software in traditional data centers aims to address the biggest business demands of IT – speed, cost, scale and richest variety of business solutions.

Cloud computing is basically a software alternative that provides infrastructure,
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The private cloud is merely an internal pool of resources that can be directed towards providing intranet computing capabilities on virtualized servers.

The concept, however simple, in reality is attached with a lot of complexity posed as serious IT decisions to CIO’s today. The cost of choices facing CIO’s along with increased pressure for addressing their business demands of capacity and speed has forced CIO’s to explore the virtual computing world.

Early adopters of the cloud concept include the government and banking sectors. These segments have merely scratched the surface with regards to cloud computing as they are still in the first step towards the ‘Cloud’ which is server virtualization. However a fast progression is expected from early adoption to mainstream usage considering the push of economic pressures facing businesses today. Cloud computing paradigm promises an easier way of aligning IT with overall business strategy by simplifying IT infrastructure hence enhancing business continuity whilst addressing ROI/TCO concerns.

On the flipside, cloud computing also involves a lot of skepticism regarding reliability, security and connectivity. Vendors have placed the addressing of these issues on top of their agenda while they try to transform the very model of enterprise computing.

Vendors are also working hard to simplify their technological offerings in order to ease the choices made by CIO’s towards their datacenter strategy. The

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