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RAMESH KHIANI  FA12‐MB‐0021  MBA‐Evening  CLOUD COMPUTING  Cloud computing is a significant advancement in the delivery of information technology and services. By providing on demand access to a shared pool of computing resources in a self-service, dynamically scaled and metered manner, cloud computing offers compelling advantages in cost, speed and efficiency. Cloud Computing is a technology that uses the internet and central remote servers to maintain data and applications. Cloud

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A benchmark example of this is, as discussed previously, where necessary information for the interaction between the consumer and the service is hosted as part of the service in the cloud. Also, Microsoft is expanding its involvement in this area, and as part of the cloud computing option for Microsoft® Office 2010, its Office Web Apps are available to Office volume licensing customers and Office Web App subscriptions through its cloud-based Online Services.


Consumers purchase access to the platforms, enabling them to

deploy their own software and applications in the cloud. The operating systems and network access are not managed by the consumer, and there might be constraints as to which applications can be deployed.


Consumers control and manage the systems in terms of

the operating systems, applications, storage, and network connectivity, but do not themselves control the cloud infrastructure. Also known are the various subsets of these models that may be related to a particular industry or market. Communications as a Service (CaaS) is one such subset model used to describe hosted IP telephony services. Along with the move to CaaS is a shift to more IP-centric communications
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