Essay about Clothing

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Clothing A main necessity that individuals need is clothing. There are many different style and brands of clothing that people can choose from. There are the higher end clothing that tend to make people feel more sophisticated and just the name makes them feel more important.. Then there is the brand that can come from Wal-Mart where people with money do not purchase because they feel that will not live up to social status. There are three different target markets from each of the three brands. Those brands would be Gucci, Marshalls, Target. The three different brand of clothing all get the same results, which is to appropriately cover the customer, but each brand contains a higher quality and social significance. Throughout this essay, …show more content…
That is why Marshalls is perfect for this section. Marshalls main statement is that, “You never pay full price for fabulous” (Aslan, Fab Found Fashion Show Marshalls TV Commercial”). Marshalls give the perfect blend of style along with savings. In their commercial, they are targeting those hard-working men and women who want a nice full put together look but on a money saving budget. That way they are still meeting the needs of their customers by saving money but still providing quality clothing. The value propositions afforded by the respective product is that with Marshalls, you are representing the working man and woman who just purchased amazing clothes for a great price. Marshalls has positioned their selves as a good quality brand who represents the middle man. Marshalls has hit a few of the hierarchy needs established by Maslow in their commercials. Marshalls has reached the self-actualization, social needs, and ego needs. They use those specific needs to help reach out to the consumer through their commercials. By doing so they are establishing a connection on a more psychological level that allows the consumer to think about what they are purchasing and what they need. Marshalls allows the customer to feel like they are wearing name brand clothing but on that low end type of cost. Now that we have been informed of the middle class brand, let’s learn about the lower class brand which is Target. When you think of a cheap location

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