Essay on Clothing and Zara

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Customer-Based Brand Equity (CBBE) (Keller, 2008)


Zara is a well-known and ranked number one clothing brand in Spain, and it is the brand chain store of the Inditex Group owned which ranked number three in the world (INDITEX Group, 2012). Zara used fast fashion model – limited and variety. Zara resist a trend within the worldwide industrial- product manufacturing in low-cost area. That prove its product has a certain quality. Related to fast fashion, Zara has asserted that it only needs 2 weeks time to design and develop a new product on store shelves. Moreover, the main work like design, production and delivery are proceeding in Spain and via it business model system, Zara can directly know which type of the goods are
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Feelings Zara is a middle class level fashion brand, the target consumer is young people with higher income and high education level, and they have higher awareness in fashion and have spending ability, but lack the ability on buying a product of high-class luxury brand Zara provide cheap products frequently to meet the needs of this population. Also, Zara’s customers have owned self-respect and social approval, because of the street style are popular in the western, many well-known international

models and stars are becomes the customers of Zara, even Michelle Obama (the wife of the President of the United States) ((Figure. 4) and Kate Middleton ( the Princess of British) (Figure.5)are buying Zara’s clothing.

Figure.4- Michelle Obama wears Figure.5- Kate Middleton wears Zara’s cloths

Zara’s cloths


The impression of Zara is fast fashion. It supplies a limited amount of a variety of clothing, it lead a concept “When a thing is scarce, it is precious.” Also, it makes fashionable be the sense of community. Zara advocates the design of the products can satisfy the targeting customer’s needs and demands. It lead customers always buy luxury fashion style clothing via an affordable price. According to below (Figure. 6) and (Figure. 7) are related the profit of Zara in 2011 and 2010. It shows that the profit in 2011 is more the 2010. And (Figure. 8), it show the profit is continuously

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