Clothing In The Middle Ages

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With the story of the middle Ages or better known as the medieval times comes a life of trickery, evil, pleasure, death, war, and religion. The era in which this life began was around AD. 500. This time period lasted until about AD. 1500. One thousand years past by quickly as people were fascinated by the new things they were exploring and creating. There were many different lifestyles that arose during this period. The roles played in the Middle Ages were unique. The clothing was extravagant. Religion was the main phenomenon that tore apart friends, family, and lives. Let’s jump back in time and discover the middle Ages. We all know the stories of dragons invading the kingdoms, jousters fighting to win the heart of the princess, and the jokers who wore outrageous clothing. Those are just stories. No one hears of the wars and the trauma people went through just because of their lifestyle! Digging into the ancient, yes ancient, …show more content…
As there is good there must be some bad. There were some very gruesome moments throughout the medieval era. These horrible acts were done in a period called the “dark ages”. When I say horrible, I am implying things like, torturing Muslims, Jews, and Christians for not converting over to the catholic faith. Beheading witches and starting wars. The Catholic Church was held responsible for most of these acts. The church became very wicked and greedy. I am not saying that all Catholics are bad, but back during the middle ages the church acted very inappropriately toward situations. If people did not convert to the teachings of the catholic belief people were Tortured, arrested, and sometimes murdered. When people died, if they were royalty, they were decapitated and the head was replaced by the head of a mammoth. This ritual was used to show honor to the kings and queens. Other people were buried or burned at the stake. No special

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