Clothing In Elizabethan England

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England is a beautiful place to live, or even visit someday. The weather is usually cold and wet. Warm and comfortable clothes are a necessity. People throughout the ages, such as people in Elizabethan Era, wanted to be warm and stylish. The dress and clothing of Elizabethan England is a very important part of England’s history. In Elizabethan England, clothing could be bright and beautiful, or simple and plain. What clothes you wore depended on your station in life and your financial status (The Panorama 93). Wealthier people wore nicer clothing. Where a person stood in the social system told them what clothes they could wear (Hanson). Poor people didn’t have as many clothing choices as the wealthy did. The closet of a wealthy person would have more clothes than a poor person (Hanson). Poor people could only afford a few outfits. Royalty wore purple silk, car fur, gold, silver, satin, and velvet (Hanson). They had nicer fabrics, along with nice accessories. Someone could easily spot the difference between a wealthy person and a poor person. Clothes were beautiful, but complex. People wore many layers in …show more content…
“There was no ‘Renaissance costume.’ Dress varied from decade to decade, from country to country, and from class to class (The Panorama 93).” Clothing was always changing depending on the class and the decade. “Due to laws prohibiting who was allowed to wear what, and the cost of materials, there was a vast difference in attire between the classes (Hanson).” Wealthy people could afford to wear expensive clothing. Royalty was allowed the choice of many different colors, fabrics, styles, and designs while poor people were limited to very few choices of clothing (Monet). Royalty were important people, so they always had the nicest of clothing. For poor people, clothing was simple, but for wealthy, it was very complex with many

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