Clothing Company- Mango Essay

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The capital of fashion, Barcelona, is famous for its voguish clothing. Mango that is started in Barcelona is one of the most international companies in the world. This essay will begin with its organizational profile, then, it will follow with an outline of Mango’s history and finally, it will also describe Mango’s design and manufacturing process. Mango is a clothing manufacturing company which comes from Spain with headquarter located in Barcelona, Spain. Mango’s products include women’s and men’s clothing and accessories. Mango is a privately owned company with 8600 employees throughout the world, which had 1700 stores in 100 countries that cover Europe, Australia, North America and other places in 2007. In the same …show more content…
Later in 2008, a new men’s fashion brand called “HE”, which is abbreviation for Homini Emerito, came into being. Mango succeeds so early due to its hard work. Up to now, it has been widely accepted by faddists. Mango made rapid progress in its short history, it devotes particular care to design all the time. Mango has four collections of new fashions every year. First of all, to make their clothes walk in the fashion front, the designers of Mango conduct researches such as investigating fashion trends and visiting fashion shows. Then, designers not only review fashion magazines, but also attend trade fairs. The third thing is to select all of conceptions which have been collected and then designers decide on themes of this year. After that, it is necessary to select and decide on materials, then, designers make proper patterns which are sent to domestic and overseas garment manufactures. After the prototypes which are made by suppliers come into being, samples are sent back to Mango to be checked whether there is any problem. If not, prototypes are returned to manufacturers to make final products. Finally, products are sent to Mango stores around the world. Many voguish shows about Mango’s new products this year will be held in order to advertise the clothes. All of those above form the design and manufacturing process of Mango. In conclusion, Mango is a successful Spanish clothing company

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