Closing The Sale Of Online Surfing Gear Business Essay

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Closing the Sale
An online surfing gear business serves a specific niche in the retail market – people who are interested in surfing. Approximately 90% of online customers abandon their shopping carts before completing the sale (Holden, Belew, Elad, Rich, & Gulbrandsen, 2008). Other studies differ, with the Baynard Institute giving the percentage of stalled or lost sales closer to 68% (Patel, 2014). Either way, the high number of abandoned shopping carts is staggering. This is problematic for any company but for a smaller specialty business, it can be devastating to the bottom line. The key is to understand why potential customers are leaving and what steps can be taken to encourage customers to complete the sale (Meola, 2016).
There are various reasons for customers leaving their shopping carts. Interestingly enough, many have to do with information logistics, whether it is having to log in, entering billing, shipping addresses, or providing payment information (Meola, 2016). Entering information takes time and online shoppers are notoriously impatient. Even a 2 second load time dramatically increases the risk of abandonment (Burt, 2016). Although customers do have to input information at some point, the simplest solution would be to let a customer choose between registering so that data can be saved for future purchases or to check out as a guest. Offering multiple methods of payment makes it more likely the customer will be familiar or comfortable with one of them…

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