Closing Sales Call Case Study

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What is closing? Closing is the act of obtaining commitment (Iannarino). Every salesperson must possess certain attributes such as self-discipline, optimism, competitiveness, initiative, resourcefulness, determination, empathy, emotional intelligence, communication, and influence, in other to become successful eventually. Generally, many people see closing as the end product, that is -- they imagine closing to be the final activity in the sales cycle. But closing is way more than that, it is the obtainment of commitment from prospects and clients, as well as the decisions that advance the sale, especially the commitment to open the relationship (Iannarino). Closing is what opens the possibility of a relationship and thus working together; between …show more content…
Without the ability to close and to obtain commitments, salespeople cannot advance a deal forward from one stage of the sales cycle to the next (Iannarino). This is what creates the business value, therefore, without it a salesperson cannot easily earn a future appointment, a future value-creating event (Iannarino). Without the ability to close a sales call effectively, salespeople often try to use or overbearingly rely on closing tactics and tricks that are unnatural and violate the prospect’s trust. Most folks and critics alike argue that closing a sales call is the most difficult part of the meeting. Yet, practicing and successful salespeople will say that closing the sale is actually fairly easy if the salesperson works hard enough to develop a relationship with the customer. The use of persuasive communication techniques (in closing a sale) is by far, the most controversial and most misconstrued concept related to the selling process. Why? Because to many people the act of persuasion is perceived as an attempt to manipulate the prospect into doing something they really don’t want to …show more content…
Yes it is true that there are tricks and shortcuts for closing a sale, but those tricks won’t last long or even save you the salesperson; when half of your clients realize that you have been dishonest with them. Commitment cannot be obtained by some magical or miraculous technique. Salespeople should always attempt to gain commitment in a way that is consistent with the objectives of the meeting. Obtaining commitment begins with the salesperson 's contact with the prospect and this can succeed only when all facets of the selling process fall into their proper place (McGraw-Hill). Commitment is consequential for the customer, the seller 's firm, and the seller. Therefore, commitment should always result in a win–win situation for all parties

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