`` Closing Off Abortion Rights `` By The Roe V. Wade Supreme Court Decision

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Abortion, a controversial topic presently and decades ago, was made legal in the United States in 1973 by the legendary Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision. Countless speeches, editorials, and other persuasive pieces have been written on the topic, and one in particular was written by the New York Times Editorial Board regarding the restricting of access to abortions by state laws. In the editorial “Closing off Abortion Rights”, by the New York Times Editorial Board, the author effectively argues the illegality of certain state laws pertaining to abortion by using analogies, allusions, metaphors, and appeals to logic and reason because s/he ties together different arguments using a single Texas law as an example throughout the editorial and uses strong language that powerfully communicates feeling and ideas. One of the ways the author convinces the audience with rhetoric is by using analogies, allusions, and metaphors. The author uses analogies to make the reader associate two things that might not otherwise be associated, and by this association creates feelings for one based on pre-determined feelings for the other. An example of this from the editorial is when the author writes, “This [Texas] statute, like similar ones around the country…” Having already explained the unjustness of the Texas law to readers, the author states that there are others like it, thereby superimposing that same feeling of injustice on the “similar laws” without naming or explaining any of them…

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