Closeout Planning Case Study

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The project closeout plan is the final stage of the project management process. During this process determining when the project is complete and the objective has been met is an essential step. The closeout plan will include the closing of the project and what this entails. The personnel will need to be reassigned once the project is complete. Also, the materials purchased during the restaurant project will need to be deliver. Many different lessons have been learned throughout this management process that has generated many recommendations and additional follow up work.
Determination of Project Completion In order to determine if a project is complete the customer must determine if the scope of the project was met. The restaurant owner
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The determination process will begin by starting with the top box in Figure 2.0, which describes the requirements and specifications. The customer than will look at the middle box, which describes the restaurants specific requirements to meet the projects scope. The third box in Figure 2.0 shows the last aspect of this process. If the customer determines that the scope has been met the project can be closed, if not than corrective action will be put into place to finish the project. By the consumer determining that the project has met the scope and agrees that the restaurant meets their requirements than the project can now be terminated. Once the project is terminated the closing of the project is underway. Project Closing Once the customer has signed off on the project and it has been determined that the project is complete, the close out process can begin. The closeout plan involves documenting project results, recording the lessons learned, and releasing team members. The documenting of project results should occur throughout the project and should not be held till the end of the project (South University Online, 2016, para. 3). As …show more content…
The first lesson is to always prepare for the potential risks involved in the project. By having a plan already created to aid in dealing with an issue it decreases the negative impact and helps to solve the issue promptly. An example of this would be having a plan to address whether conditions that would delay the projects schedule. Another valuable lesson learned is to evaluate the necessity of keeping staff members. If the staff’s member’s job is complete in order to keep budget inline the members will need to be released. Another valuable lesson is the constant communication is necessary in order to keep everyone involved in the project informed and to make sure that expectations are clear. The follow up work that will need to occur is to make sure that everyone has received their final pay. The contracts that have been signed will all need to be closed and terminated. The last follow up process that will need to be completed is the archiving of the files (South University Online, 2016, para. 7). The documentation and files associated with the construction project will need to archived and placed into logical sequence (South University Online, 2016, para. 7). This is important for the project manager to have access to in order to reference in the future, so that records of success and failure can be utilized in future

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