Human Cloning Pros And Cons Essay

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Clones are organisms that have the same genetic copy of the original. Every strand of DNA is equal to the other. Some clones can happen naturally a perfect example would be identical twins. There are some clones that could be made in labs. One way to make a clone is by the Artificial Embryo Twinning which makes clones. According to, Learn. Genetics “Twinning happens in the first days after egg and sperm joint, while the embryo is made of just a small number of cells” (Learn Genetics). Meaning that this process happens when a sperm meets the egg and there is not only one cell there are many which can produce more than one baby that are identical. Then the egg begins to separate into two with the same identical traits. Another way of making …show more content…
Humans continually reproduce damage to their DNA lines increase, which is bad. According to, Health Research Funding “by reproducing so much that mutations and defective genes could occur, but these could be eliminated thanks to cloning human cells”(HRFnd). Then, faster recovery from traumatic injury According to, Health Research Funding ”from the professional athlete who tears their ACL recovery time can be lowered because the athlete can clone his cells so he would recover much faster”(HRFnd). Next, Infertility could be eliminated because the eggs and the sperms could be multiplied. Also the cells can be cloned to create younger twins of a mother or father. Next, the cons According to, Health Research Funding “there is a possibility of faster aging this can occur because an older cell is often being used to create human clones” (HRFnd). Meaning the clones would be a waste of resources if they age quickly. Another issue would be that there would be a reduced sense of individuality. The clone would be a new life with unique qualities, but there would be a loss in individuality because a clone is simply a twin of someone else. Last issue cloning can cause is, it may reduce the overall value of life. For example, if parents do not like their child they can clone another and get the perfect one they want. Also a clone can kill a person and the original person can be blamed for the

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