Genetic Engineering And Cloning Technology

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In this globalization era with well-developed nations and advanced technologies, it happens where great minds combined with those technological advancements, have a lead to creations and achievements that somehow would have been impossible to be created or achieved. Genetic engineering made it possible to this matter. Generally, it is understood that genetic engineering itself is the technique of altering the genetic constitution of cells (or individuals) by the selective removal, insertion or modification of individual genes or gene sets. Plus, it is a science which enables people to live better apparently. As mentioned by Ianello, Sevciuc, Dvila Assumpo, & Antnio (2013) (p. 63), the term genetic engineering has been commonly used not only …show more content…
It can help a large number of researchers especially in the area of genetics. The researchers are able to understand the concept and the structure of genes as well as the human traits that can have something to do with genetic components. Plus they can study about altering genetic components or constituents and thus analyze that genes structure which represent the behavior in human beings, animals and also plants. All of this can be done in genetic engineering and cloning technology precisely. As highlighted by (Giassetti* et al, 2013), “genetic engineering is widely used at various branches of medicine to produce vaccines, monoclonal antibodies, animals that can be used as models for diseases or to be used as organ donors”. Through genetic engineering, cloning technology can develop the medical field which many various type of medicine can be produced in order to cure various type of diseases. In short, cloning technology is very useful in the medical field that can give health benefits towards the society and at the same time able enhance the new technology in medical research and

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