Cloning Informative Speech Essay

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Cloning and Stem Cell Research
S/P: To inform my audience about cloning and cell stem research. C/I: The benefits and ethical issues of cloning and cell stem research. Introduction
Specific purpose: Today I’m going to inform you about “Cloning Technology and Stem Cell Research”.
Attention getter: Imagine yourself dying from heart disease or liver failure, and the only way to live was to have an exact clone of your heart or liver. The only way this could be possible was to have an exact copy made by your organs, and this process is achieved only by cloning.
Reveal central idea: Stem cell research and cloning, is one of the most exciting and controversial ethical
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Can we use embryonic cells in order to find some answers for our diseases? Scientists, religious group’s politicians are having a massive debate about this issue. D. Embryonic stem cell research is immoral. For the opponents of stem cells research destruction of an embryo is considered an abortion so they think that it’s not fair to destroy a life in order to save another. E. Human life becomes cheaper. By taking these cells and developing them into organs, we can say that our lives become cheaper it’s like we are playing with God, also it’s unethical because we are destroying other lives to for experimental purposes. None has played with human lives before and we cannot allow this to happen now. F. Government funds and stem cell research. President George W. Bush used his veto power in July 19, 2001 to prevent the increase of funds in stem cell research. Bush and his supporters think that extending the research in this field is controversial, because we can’t destroy human embryos for whatever reason. Scientists will continue their research but under the control of government. Bush allowed scientists to research in just 60 stem cell lines; they cannot destroy additional embryos even though stem cells might have a massive impact in our future. Also president Barrack Obama had the same opinion for this matter when he says that: “We are not opening the door for human cloning” or “It is dangerous, profoundly

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