Cloning And The World Of Cloning Essay

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How would you like it if there were two of you running around? Well that 's not really going to happen, but In this day and age cloning has become increasingly more popular. Many scientists have tried to clone animals and cells, some of them have succeeded as living proof with a sheep that was given the name dolly. I reviewed the American Medical Association (AMA) website on cloning. The AMA is bases out of Chicago and was founded in 1847. The AMA is involved in many medical papers and articles dealing with the medical field. Their article on cloning helps illuminate the world of cloning in a way to make it clear and concise to the audience. The AMA teaches you about the trials and errors of cloning and digs into some of the laws preventing some areas of cloning. There is a debate against science and peoples ethical and moral beliefs. Some people believe it is against their religion because it 's like playing God. They have a problem with what the world of science is involving itself with. Cloning is culturally wrong; it is socially incorrect, and ethically erroneous.
First, the AMA’s articles on cloning states in the last few years there have been some remarkable results in cloning. Scientist have tried many ways to try to clone animals and all were failures until dolly the sheep. "To some critics this was all too predictable as clothing is a relatively new and difficult technology to get it right. In fact all he was a result of more than 250 attempts at cloning a sheep"…

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