Clinton Is A Presidential Candidate For The Democratic Party Essay

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Hilary Clinton is a 2016 presidential nominee candidate for the Democratic Party. Clinton is also a staunch supporter of the Affordable Care Act, often referred to as Obamacare. She would like to expand the Affordable Care Act, and reduce the prices paid by individual. She would also like to reduce the cost of prescription drug prices, and she would like to protect reproductive health care. Thus, including contraception and safe abortions.
Before the Affordable Care Act, there were many different health insurance companies, each with their own payment plans. These payment plans were difficult for companies, businesses, and individuals. The companies and businesses did not necessarily provide health insurance to their employees. People living in low or middle income classes had the hardest time affording a health insurance plan. Some of these individuals had to choose either not to have health insurance, or to choose the lowest payment plan. With having the lowest payment plan individuals were not able to receive high quality care for everything. Even then some of the lowest plans did not include dental or vision health care.
The original health insurance policy did not require everyone to have health insurance. It also did not require businesses or companies to offer health insurance to their employees. The lack of personal funding was a huge problem for many people. Health insurance can be really expensive depending on the plan the person gets. Obviously, if…

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