Clinical Strengths And Needs Of Nursing Practice Essay

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A. Clinical Strengths & Needs:
• Strengths: Today, was an extremely busy day caring for 3 residents; but I learned a great amount of information. Even though, I was busy, I feel fortunate I got this opportunity to work with three different residents. I learned who needs more assistance than others, which resident want to visit with me, and/or which resident wants their space. I have to respect those wishes of each resident while still completing the necessary task I need to get done. I am pleased to say I was able to do so but it did take me longer; which is all part of the learning curve. Objectives I met today were demonstrating professional values of caring and holism in nursing practice, communicating effectively with clients, and demonstrating effective clinical decision-making and safety in practice. An example of objective 1 was when I walked into my third resident’s room to gather her vital signs; she started complaining how everyone keeps coming into her room. I tried to lighten her negative attitude and told her it must mean she is popular because everyone wants to come in; she laughed but still remained negative. I asked her if she would be okay with me taking her vital signs; she said it was fine. I remained polite and realize her negative attitude wasn’t about me. I took her vital signs, asked if she needed anything else; and gave her space. I recognize that some residents want their space more than other; yet I still need to get the appropriate data for…

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