Essay on Clinical Problem Solving The Nursing Process

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1)Research is different from clinical problem solving in that research is a systematic process by which new knowledge is discovered through the gathering of data and information from different sources(Fain, 2013). In addition, research is also done to support knowledge that already exists based on a theory to build on or improve the information that already exists. This can be knowledge that is directly applied to our practice or knowledge that needs further validation before application (Fitzpatrick, 2016). On the other hand, clinical problem solving is utilizing current knowledge to improve patient health. One of the most popular tools used by nurses in clinical problem solving is the nursing process. The nursing process is used as a guide for providing nursing care. This includes continual assessment and monitoring of patient 's condition, interventions, plan of care and diagnoses.

The primary differences between research and quality improvement are that research is generating new knowledge and building on existing knowledge, while quality improvement focuses on improving patient outcomes. Quality improvement involves finding the outcomes that need to be improved, identifying how the outcomes will be measured, and developing a plan for implementing and intervention(Conner, 2014). Conner also states that quality improvement doesn 't require extensive literature reviews and rigorous critical appraisal as research does. An example of quality improvement is reducing the…

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