Clinical Leadership Education For Nursing Students Essay

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Clinical leadership education for nursing students: Shaping future clinical leaders

Curtis et al. (2011, p.309) stated that clinical leadership is an important part of nursing practice which should be started ‘at the earliest stages of basic nursing education and training’. I propose to critically examine clinical leadership education for nursing students, overcoming barriers to clinical leadership education and developing future clinical leaders in the implementation for health care policy and practice
I intend to publish this article in the Journal of Advanced Nursing and use Harvard reference style as stipulated in the ‘Author Guidelines’ of the Journal (see Attached Appendix).

Key words clinical leadership, education, nursing students, nurse leaders

Over recent years, emphasis on the clinical leadership has been shown by a significant increase in the number of publications on the topic. Understanding of clinical leadership has become a crucial issue ‘for developing work force competence, innovation and quality improvement initiatives’ (Stanley 2014, p. 126).
Nurses are ideal roles to offer clinical leadership to optimize patient outcomes (Casey et al. 2011). McKee et al. (2013) found that sustaining clinical leadership behaviours among nursing staff was not sufficient by providing clinical leadership training, therefore, introducing clinical leadership skills should be started at the early stage of nursing education and training (Curtis et al. 2011).…

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