Clinical Decision Making For Patients With Acute Headache And Vomiting With Intermittent Confusion

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The aim of this essay is to discuss and assess a given case scenario where, the chosen patient admitted with acute headache and vomiting with intermittent confusion. This essay will define clinical judgement and decision-making; discuss importance of decision-making process in the assessment of patient’s care. It will also mention some of the theories about clinical decision-making in nursing practice and explain Tanner’s 2008 clinical judgement model that will apply in critically reviewing patient’s complex needs and assessing care plan and interventions. Further, this essay will demonstrate how effective sharing decision-making might enhance patient’s recovery, prevent deterioration. There also NHS mantra “no decision about me without me” by health secretary Andrew Lansley to ensure that shared decision-making should be a normal routine rather than expected (Lally etal, 2010). The nurse’s role, focusing the understanding of the importance of share decision-making in a systematic assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation of care will explain. In addition, evidence based practice research will use as a support in undertaking a systematic, comprehensive and holistic assessment for care delivery; along with reference to national policies and guidelines of nursing care.
Clinical judgement defines as an informed opinion that involves assessing the potential risk and benefits of possible alternative nursing actions since decision-making links judgement to practice by…

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