Clinical Decision Making And The Care Of An Elderly Man With Chronic Kidney Disease ( Ckd )

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3801NRS Advanced Clinical Decision Making
Student Name: Rebekah Stanley
Student Number: S2929435
Essay/Report Title: Case Study Essay
Assessment Item 1

Clinical decision making and reasoning can be seen as one of the most important roles taken on board by the registered nurse within the healthcare setting (Pinnock & Welch, 2014). It is a fundamental process involving the formulation of planned care for a patient, whilst engaging in critical thinking skills, in order to achieve the desired patient outcomes (Pinnock & Welch, 2014). The following essay will explore the author’s experience of patient interaction and clinical decision making, whilst planning the care of an elderly man with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD). The author will utilise the clinical reasoning cycle (Levett-Jones et al., 2010), incorporating the first seven out of eight steps, to demonstrate the progression of critical thinking during this experience.
The following case study involves a 65-year old Australian man named John, who presents to the emergency department with complaints of feeling unwell of late. He has been feeling increasingly fatigued and has been having trouble sleeping every night. He has also been seeing traces of blood in his urine. John lives at home and no longer has any immediate family or many friends. He tends to avoid mainstream hospitals, as he thinks they are too busy and overcrowded. John has a history of hypertension and stage two…

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