Clinical Decision Making And Clinical Decisions Essay

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According to the College of Registered Nurses of British Columbia (CRNBC, 2014) nurses make a clinical decision every 30 seconds, or approximately 1500 per shift. What is a clinical decision? The answer to that question varies among the experts and practitioners but the terms clinical judgment, reasoning, and decision making have been used interchangeably in attempt to better articulate the process of clinical decision making (CRNBC, 2014).
Clinical decision making was initially defined by Benner, Tanner, and Chelsa (1996) as deliberate and conscientious, using ones intuition and a holistic approach to directly affect patient outcomes. Tanner later identified clinical decisions as being complex, dynamic decisions that are affected by the decision maker’s knowledge and experiences (2000). Tanner (2005) also disagrees with critical thinking and clinical thinking being used interchangeably. She argues that critical thinking is the ability to question assumptions, challenge the status quo, know healthcare limitations, and take measures to improve it. In turn clinical thinking refers to noticing clinical signs, interpreting observations, responding, and reflecting on actions taken. Both clinical and critical thinking are integral to nursing practice and can be cultivated via decision making models and reflection.
The basis for teaching and learning effective clinical decision making is to achieve the best possible outcomes for clients (CRNBC, 2014). The use of clinical…

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