Clinical Day Essay

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I did one day of a medicine/surgical clinical day with Anne Hartman at Saint Luke’s Hospital in Cedar Rapids. The day began at 0800 and ended shortly after 1600. There were several differences along the way starting with the time. I teach clinicals for Iowa College of Nursing and they begin at 0645 and end at 1530. Anne had informed me that she was not a morning person and got to chose what times she did her clinicals out. Plus, the hours she taught clinicals counted toward her full time faculty job at Mount Mercy University. The hospitals are extremely different. I teach clinicals out of the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics where there is a completely different flow to the day. At St. Lukes the first thing that I had completely forgotten about was free parking. At the University Hospital it can cost up to $18.00 a day. So parking at St. Luke’s was a pleasant surprise. The other big difference is the setup of the unit. St. Lukes has long hallways that are confusing to see the beginning and the end of the unit. I was not in the right place and was a little disoriented all day long trying to find my way around. At the University there are three pods that are shaped in a half circle where I teach clinicals at. We are located on a general medicine floor. …show more content…
I would love to incorporate this into my clinicals, but there is not a room that we get. Plus, with the HIPAA violation we cannot discuss out patients in the hallway. I see this be a very good learning opportunity to be able to have the nursing student give some sort of report to the group on their patient, and then later in the day a report on how their patients and their day went. This would be similar to a debriefing. I would have to think about how to make this a possibility, but at this point in time the resources do not

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