Clinical Assessments By Psychologists Essay

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Clinical assessments by psychologists can trace their roots to Sir Francis Galton, who was the first to concentrate studies on individual differences. This gradually influenced other psychologists, and the measuring of mental ability took shape. In 1896 Witmer was credited with opening the first psychological clinic, and coining the term "clinical psychology” (Cook, 2011). The general public’s notion of a psychologist is typically the clinical psychologist, yet not all psychologists are involved in clinical psychology. Too, clinical psychologists do not spend all their time as imagined, probing the couch-born patient, seeking evidence of psychiatric deficiencies. A clinical psychologists can perform a variety of tasks that include measuring intelligence, teaching, researching new methods and old ideas, developing treatment plans, assessing personality, and yes, counseling and therapeutic treatment (Cook, 2011).
A clinician must be knowledgeable and proficient when dealing with new referrals. Some of the considerations necessary are that the clinician understands the referral context, can clarify the referral question, seek the appropriate instruments according to situational need, and be vigilant in ethical and bias related concerns (Groth-Marnat, 2003).
A unique feature of psychological clinics is that the patients are typically self-referred. Comprehensive testing is not applicable in these situations, although brief tests may yield useful insights (Groth-Marnat, 2003).…

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