Clinical Application Essay Module Three

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Clinical Application Essay Module Three Amanda is a 29-year-old female who is showing early signs of Rh disease of pregnancy. She has one living child who was born prematurely after an automobile accident. Amanda built antibodies against the D antigen when fetal-maternal hemorrhage occurred after the accident (Grossman, 2014). Owing to her first pregnancy, Amanda’s baby is now showing early signs of Rh disease and she is now very concerned. The Advanced Practice Nurse (APN) first task is to make sure Amanda remains calm so she can process teaching that will take place. The level of education should be taken into consideration and the use of medical jargon should be limited. Assuming that Amanda is not in the medical profession and understands limited medical terms, everything that they discuss should be in taught in straightforward terms. Most importantly, the APN must assess whether or not Amanda is familiar with what a red blood cell is and its function. If not this can be described as a cell that carries oxygen throughout the body and our bodies need oxygen to survive. Also she needs to understand the definition of antigens and antibodies. When explaining the cause of the Rh diseases start by simply telling Amanda that her blood and the baby’s blood are incompatible and can not mix. An example of oil and water not mixing can be given so Amanda so she may visualize what is happening. Furthermore, the nurse should explain what a red cell antigen is. Red blood…

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