Essay on Climate Issues Of Global Warming

1679 Words Dec 7th, 2015 null Page
Even the least environmentally conscious individuals are able to both see and sense the environmental changes that are taking place just outside our windows. Although not a new concept, climate concerns regarding Global Warming have never been more of a realistic or pressing concern than they are today. Among other things, it has been an accumulation of environmental negligence that has led us to our current state, specifically referring to mankind’s production of greenhouse gasses, such as CO2, and even more specifically referring to our choice of energy production used. As opposed to carbon-free electrical production, using nuclear energy, there’s a nationwide shift towards natural gas, due to its inexpensive electric capacity. With the global surface temperature at .75ºC., its highest ever in the 134 year history it has been kept on record, we as the human race cannot afford to make naïve, insensitive climate related decisions that focus solely on our short term interests (NASA, “Global Climate Change: Vital Signs”) . As a human race we should always be looking forward; we should be cognizant of our primary purpose of continued existence. With that being said, as a result of significant greenhouse gas emissions, causing global warming to ensue, we have begun to paint a less optimistic picture of both our own and our planet 's’ future. Among other things, we run the risk of experiencing warmer ocean temperatures, rising sea levels, and wilder/changing…

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