Climate For Corporate Entrepreneurship At Discovery Limited

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4.2 Climate for Corporate Entrepreneurship at Discovery Limited
Corporate entrepreneurship refers to the ability to pursue opportunities in an industry despite the level and nature of the sources available in that time period. This is largely attributed to the organisations entrepreneurial mind-set (Martinkute & Skandarioon, 2013). Here Discovery Limited has proven to be a leading organisation in corporate entrepreneurship with the launching of the Vitality program along with the recent addition of Vitality Drive, which rewards users for living healthy, safe and risk-free lifestyles (Gore, 2015). This type of innovation implemented by the company shows its ability to see gaps in the market and allows them to take the risk of exploring these
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This is done in the hopes of stimulating more creative and innovative idea generation and opportunities through all internal company employees (Martinkute & Skandarioon, 2013). Discovery limited shows their management support through the implementation of leadership programs. This program was started to develop a strong learning culture within the organisation as well as to encourage team work within the company in order to assist its employees throughout the development process (Our important relationships, …show more content…
The use of the five aspects have evidently created an internal environment that supports not only the existence of opportunities and resources but also the ability to innovate. This can be seen by how the company is currently as well as sustainably operating in a system of both profitable business practice and innovatory creation through its Vitality and Vitality Drive programs. Due to the level of corporate entrepreneurship Discovery Limited is operating at, there is a high potential for the core service of providing health insurance to decrease in efficiency. Thus discovery should find a suitable balance to conduct business in to ensure operations and innovations are both attended

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