Climate Duties And Climate Change

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Climate Duties
A few developed countries do most greenhouse gas emissions but the effects of these gasses are shared equally around the world and even at times developing countries are the ones that suffer the most (Harris, 2010). In the year currently, the top emitters of greenhouse gasses are the United States with 16.5 emissions per capita followed by China (developing country) with 7.6 per capita and the European Union with 6.7 per capita. A total of ten largest greenhouse gas emitters accounts for 68.2 % of the total emissions in the world. Indicates that a few developed countries cause significant climate change that affects countries with a minimum emission of gases. Although, I have a personal obligation to curb my emissions in virtue
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Climate change could view as a project. Although constructions by the government are good for the citizens of a country, they also generate a lot of emissions. The government should view climate change as a project is has to undertake. Therefore, I cannot cut on my emissions because they are very insignificant as compared to those produced by government’s projects and big companies such those dealing in oil and gas. My responsibility is to remind the governments of the world to view climate change as their project and correct it by enacting rules and regulations. I recommend that governments should take the matter of climate change seriously and institute measures that will push individuals and companies to cut on their emissions …show more content…
He argues that if a single person decides to reduce his emissions, the whole society will regard him as a role model. He argues that human beings learn from each other and if one reduces his emissions, other people will follow him as a role model and soon all the people will reduce their emissions. In my bid to set a good example, I can curb my emissions. It might act as an eye opener to other individuals to reduce their emissions as well. Although this might help, it cannot be efficient enough since people are different, and they cannot think in the same way. This kind of scenario, in my view, can only happen in a utopian society.
From the discussion by Singer (1972), in his ‘Philosophy and Public Affairs’, he emphasizes that all of us in the world have a moral obligation to help the way we can to reduce human suffering that has been brought about by climate change. Personal decisions to cut on my emissions would not assist in a big way to reduce global warming, but I have a responsibility to help to work with the communities, organizations, and governments to reduce the emissions done by all these entities. It is how I can contribute to solve the problem of climate change other than focusing on personal emission

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