Climate Changes And Climate Change Essay

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Climate Duties
A few developed countries do most greenhouse gas emissions but the effects of these gasses are shared equally around the world and even at times developing countries are the ones that suffer the most (Harris, 2010). In the year currently, the top emitters of greenhouse gasses are the United States with 16.5 emissions per capita followed by China (developing country) with 7.6 per capita and the European Union with 6.7 per capita. A total of ten largest greenhouse gas emitters accounts for 68.2 % of the total emissions in the world. Indicates that a few developed countries cause significant climate change that affects countries with a minimum emission of gases. Although, I have a personal obligation to curb my emissions in virtue of being part of a society that has disproportionally benefited from economic activity that generated Carbon dioxide but, this will not bring any changes to the environmental problems because my emissions alone cannot have a significant effect on climate change. I agree with Armstrong (2005) that the emissions of an individual are insignificant to climate change. If I reduce my emissions, other people, and even countries will still be emitting, and I will not have solved anything as far as climate change is involved. Nevertheless, I can still play a significant role in providing a collective contribution towards finding a solution.
According to Armstrong (2005), there is a certain threshold level of emissions that can cause global…

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