Essay on Climate Changes And Climate Change

1931 Words Apr 18th, 2016 8 Pages
The climate that we know today has very little in common with the climate of a hundred years ago, a thousand years ago, or even hundreds of thousands of years ago. Climate change can easily be defined as the change in climate patterns on a global or regional level. Some definitions put more emphasis on the recent human actions that have given rise to global changes such as weather and temperature, and what we know as global warming. But the earth has been around for quite some time, and has gone through a substantial amount of climatic changes, both natural and impacted by humans. Even though human impact is not the only cause of climate change, scientists have been looking into more options to treat our earth better, and more communities have been trying to reduce their carbon footprints. Climate change is a real thing, so if we want to preserve our earth as we know it, we must understand natural climate changes, climate changes impacted by humans, and what we can do to be better to the environment. Natural climate changes have been shaping the climate of our earth long before the start of the Industrial Revolution, and human’s first contributions to climate change. Climate change has been around for a long time, far longer than it has been a concern for humans. Fortunately, scientists are able to get a good idea of the climate and its changes by looking at measures of climate such as studying the changes of Earth’s orbit around the sun, lengths of glaciers, ice cores,…

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