Climate Change Is The Most Important Issue Facing The Human Race

768 Words Nov 10th, 2015 4 Pages
Maddie Rambicourt

Climate change is the most important issue facing the human race. The global environment is unjustifiably being abused through pollution by mass corporations and citizens but it’s not too late to change our ways. If we don’t fix our environment, we will lose humanity, to show this Robert Weiner states, “The world of 2030 will be radically transformed from our world today. Dramatic and unforeseen changes already are occurring at a faster rate than expected. ” (Weiner). The most serious challenge of the global environment is climate change, we still have time to change our ways however the damage cannot be reversed at this point, and with the time we have remaining society needs to reduce carbon emissions by enforcing a global tax on carbon, natural resources need to be recycled mainly focusing on mass corporations, and scientists need to begin working on finding a more eco-friendly replacement for fossil fuels. In further detail, the amount of carbon dioxide let into the earth’s atmosphere is detrimental, therefore, carbon emissions need to be reduced. I believe that the release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere is a main cause for climate change. Richard Spinrad, author of Our Deadened Carbon Soaked Seas, explains “Both the United States and Britain recognize that rising CO2 and the production of other greenhouse gases have widespread consequences and have called for strong action to reduce carbon emissions” (Spinrad). To reduce worldwide carbon…

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