Climate Change Is Cause By Natural And Human Factors Essay

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Climate change is a change in the statistical distribution of the weather patterns. The changes are lasting for an extended period of time (It could be between a hundred or thousand years). The climate change is cause by both natural and human factors. In human factors, mainly due to the industrial revolution since the human activities, especially in the industrialized process of developed countries caused by economic activities, fossil fuel combustion and deforestation, land-use change and other human-induced greenhouse gas emissions led to a significant increase in atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations. Between 1906 and 2005, the global temperature increased by 0.74°C. The scientists who from IPCC(Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) discovered the climate change speed is a hundred of speed in 50 years ago and forecasts a temperature rise of 1°C to 5.5°C (2.5°F to 10°F) over the next century(NASA). The scientists believe that the change is driven by human activities. In natural factors, mainly cause by Volcanic activity and Ocean current. Volcanic eruption will be emitted to the atmosphere of gas and volcanic dust, will also form a hot spring. Volcanic eruption in the history of each century will occur on average several times, will affect climate change for several years, the volcanic dust will block the solar radiation, causing the temperature drop. The ocean can keep large of heat, and large-scale flow of seawater along certain routes, so it can distribute…

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