Climate Change Is An Issue For Many Regions Essay

803 Words Nov 20th, 2015 4 Pages
Climate change poses an issue for many regions. This is true especially for coastal regions below sea level. The logistics of trying to counteract the effects of climate change are seemingly ridiculous. For regions like Southern Florida, the effects of climate change are severe to the point that they cannot be mitigated with tradition methods of dealing with a rise in sea level. Some short term solutions involve creating bigger and bigger pumps to transport the water away from important areas, but as the sea continues to rise pumps cannot realistically keep up. Not to mention how much energy these massive pumps consume moving the water away [2]. So given the massive rise in sea level due to climate change, perhaps we can just leave those old homes and move more inland. First off, it is not trivial to move everything. Second off, there are multiple facilities in danger, like a nuclear reactor, which was built at a time when no one expected the sea to rise so high. Good luck transporting a thermonuclear reactor weighed down with massive pillars of concrete and lead. Or you could always abandon the multimillion dollar facility.

None of those answers are practical or efficient. What is efficient, is moving to low-carbon power sources. Low-carbon energy sources are just power sources that produce energy with substantially lower amounts of carbon dioxide emissions [3].Examples would be renewables like windmills or solar panels. Their carbon dioxide emissions only come…

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