Climate Change Is A Worldwide Phenomenon Essay

2135 Words Nov 9th, 2016 9 Pages
Climate Change is a worldwide phenomenon, that affects the regular conditions of the environment. Historically, there have been several conventions, as the Kyoto Protocol, in order to address this problem. However, only until the Paris Agreement, countries have committed to take actions to mitigate this issue. In fact, Canada did not demonstrate any interest in the subject, but rather the provinces took the initiative and started to use regulations to reduce CO2 emissions. By 2015, Canada has changed its standpoint and presented a strong commitment to the cause, stablishing a main target with different approaches to counteract the problem. However, this position may not be adequate for all the provinces, showing the need of better regulations that combine coherently the economic necessities of each province with efficient actions against climate change.
Climate change is considered an interdisciplinary issue, in which scientific evidence and ethical views are essential factors to the development of policies that address the problem. First, science is the initial stage to discuss climate change, providing a space to examine relevant information about the problem. As professor Ing (2016) states, scientific evidence is essential to ensure the recognition of the issue and promote critical thinking and better understanding. The IPCC (International Panel of Climate Change) provides clear knowledge about current climate change and its possible environmental and human-related…

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