Essay about Climate Change Is A Serious Global Issue

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Climate change has a significant impact on all life-forms on our planet. Climate change is a serious global issue. However, impacts are likely to differ in different continents and regions, especially in developing countries, and Vidal (2013) states that developing countries will probably experience more adverse impacts of climate change over the next 100 years. Climate change refers to the long-term weather patterns of a region are altered. Therefore, climate change may cause many problems in low-income countries. This essay outlines the major problems in developing countries which are caused by climate change and evaluate some solutions to deal with those problems. This essay argues that climate change adaptation solutions and mitigation solutions have different impacts on solving the climate change.
Climate change has some dramatic impacts on developing countries. Firstly, sea level rise has become a serious issue in the global. Vidal (2013) states that sea levels will increase almost 40-62CM by 2100. This increasing probably leads to significant effects around the world. There are more than millions of the population live in coastal habitat in developing countries will be threatened by sea level rise. In addition, the rise of temperature also is a major problem of climate change. The rising temperature can reduce the crop production and destroy farmland and make people living in unbearable hot condition. Vidal (2013) reports that land and sea temperatures are predicted…

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