Climate Change Is A Massive Problem Of The Human Being Essay

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In today’s society climate change is a massive problem of the human being. It is happening and represents one of the highest environmental, social and economic threats facing the world. The human population growth is one of the major issues to climate change. Humans use fossil fuels to power their industrialized lives. The more human beings means more oil, gas, and coal which is drilled from below Earth’s surface. Climate change was proposed by human beings over a century ago. In the 1850’s John Tyndall a prominent physicist, was building research. Lighting from the Sun warms the Earth 's surface, which then gives off energy as infrared radiation, the heat you feel from asphalt on a sunny day. Greenhouse gases such as water vapor and carbon dioxide also known as CO2, takes in this radiating energy, heats up the atmosphere and the surface. The results of this process the Earth’s temperature being warmer than it usually would if it were heated only by direct sunlight.
The human population raised from 1.6 billion to 6.1 billion people over the span of the 20th century according to the United Nations Population Fund. Throughout that time releases of carbon dioxide, the leading greenhouse gas, grew 12-fold.
I agree that the increase in population has a huge impact on climate change for the fact that with more individuals, you’ll need more cars, planes, buses, trains etc. Powered vehicles causes more carbon dioxide going into the air. Especially planes and cars. CNN stated…

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