Climate Change Is A Long Term Change Essay

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Climate Change Is Natural Climate change is a long-term change in regional or global climate patterns. From the mid twentieth century to now, it has mostly been about a significant increase in average global temperatures. Climate change is a major issue in the world today, and a lot of people feel very differently about the cause of it. The common argument about it is whether climate change is a natural occurrence or if the recent increase in temperatures is because of humans. Both sides of this argument make very good points. Each side has a lot of scientific evidence that supports the side. Some argue that humans burning fossil fuels is the main reason that the average global temperatures have increased. Others argue that the amount of greenhouse gases emitted from the burning of fossil fuels is not enough to be harmful, or to raise the temperatures significantly. It is also believed that the temperature rise Earth has experienced since the mid twentieth century is not much different than previous weather patterns in history. More issues come up when people try to think of solutions to burning fossil fuels. Right now, humans do not have a cheap enough way to stop the burning of these fossil fuels. Climate change is a major issue in the world today, and it is due to natural Earthly cycles. Before the Industrial Revolution, Earth’s climate experienced changes due to natural causes and not human activity. Earth’s climate changing has mostly been due to…

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