Climate Change : Ipcc Cites Global Temperature Essay examples

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Over the past century, our global temperature is increasing at an astonishing rate. Resources, such as lumber, and fossil fuels are overly exploited for industrial expansion, by which enlarge the atmospheric concentration of greenhouse gas, which can intensify the greenhouse effect. Carbon Dioxide, Methane, Nitrous Oxide and other Greenhouse gases can trap infrared radiation emitted from our Sun and store it in our atmosphere. Greenhouse gases are not all bad, in fact it 's essential for us to survive, it keeps the planet warm and suitable for life. Plants and trees are recycling the Carbon through photosynthesis, providing balance in the Carbon cycle. But our Carbon emission is so great, the plant cannot reduce it fast enough, resulting in the thickening of our Greenhouse gas, causing our global temperature to rise 1-2 degree Fahrenheit during the last 100 years. According to the article “Climate change: IPCC cites global temperature rise over the last century” more than half a trillion tonnes of carbon – from coal, oil and gas – have now been burned in factories, cars and homes and dumped into the atmosphere since the Industrial Revolution. Ice sheets and glaciers are melting because of rising temperatures. The rate of the meltdown is considered, to have potential in threatening islands of low altitudes, such as the Philippines. In addition, it can flood local coastlines in either developed or developing countries like America, Japan, China, and Africa. Ice is melting…

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