Climate Change Has Hit Agriculture Hard, From The Tropical Commodities

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They say ‘Climate change will hit agriculture hard, from the tropical commodities everyone enjoys every day such as tea, coffee and cocoa, to fruit and vegetables grown closer to home. Rapidly scaling up efforts with producers to develop more resilient ways of farming presents huge opportunities, not just to prepare for the changing climate, but also to tackle many other urgent challenges.’ They are similar to Morrisons as they are concerned about climate change and want to help it. But can be regarded as different as they associated with more middle class clients in some people’s views.
Waitrose- Waitrose is regarded as the more top end supermarket that are slightly more expensive than its counter parts as it uses the best quality British and international produce. They appeal to a wider audience now they have introduced their 'essential Waitrose ' range when the recession hit the country hard. An aim and objective is to ‘Treat their producers fairly’ they believe in treating their customers, Partners, farmers and suppliers fairly, and support the Fairtrade scheme. The principle of 'fair-trading ' is about giving a fair deal to the people who produce the food in their stores in some of the world 's poorest countries. Fair-trading schemes involves businesses working with suppliers who treat their workers well and pay fair and decent wages. This ensures that communities in poor countries can use profits to invest in their future. They are similar to Morrisons because they…

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