Climate Change Has Been A Part Of The Earth 's Natural Cycle Essay example

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I cannot wait to wake up one day with a hot and dry winter.
With no fresh morning breeze, instead hot blowing winds.
With no living green plants to greet me, instead high grey buildings.
With no high pitched birds’ tweeting, instead industrial and traffic noises, (how can I rephrase this?)
With no blue infinite skies, instead smoke-filled atmosphere.
I just cannot wait…

Good morning ladies and gentlemen,

I am the environmental ambassador from Sydney, Australia, and I am honoured to be present here at this year’s United Nations conference. My concerns are highly directed and revolve around an environmental issue that I’m convinced that all of you have at least heard of, yet done nothing about, and this issue is global warming. Climate change has been a part of the Earth’s natural cycle and it is occurring over millions of years, thus it is expected for the Earth’s atmosphere to increase very slightly in temperature over long periods of time. However, the vast increase of this natural process is known as global warming. Hence, global warming is the gradual abnormal growth of the atmospheric and hydrospheric temperature, that results in a net change in Earth’s ambience and it is mainly stimulated by humans. Therefore, in the remainder of the time provided for me, I will unveil a few causes and prove the pure dangers hidden behind global warming.

Love is in the air, but the air is polluted. Air pollution is one of the main elements causing this detrimental environmental…

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