Essay about Climate Change Has Been A Long Term Global Issue

1524 Words Sep 13th, 2015 null Page
Climate change has been a long-term global issue that requires collective global action in the form of flexible yet stable policy implementation by the global actors. As a global actor, Australia’s approach and commitments to action on climate change, has been considered as inconsistent and lacking in direction (Talberg, Hui & Loynes, 2013). Nevertheless Australia’s climate reputation has not always been a negative one, in the early 1990’s Australia’s reputation was even seen as pro-environmental when the labor government “appointed an Ambassador for the environment, sent experts to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), passed the Ozone Protection Act 1989 and committed Australia to stabilise greenhouse gas emissions at 1988 levels by 2000 and more” (Firth, 2011:270). At other times, instability has defined Australia’s climate change policies such as the establishment of the worlds first emissions trading scheme (ETS), which was later repealed by the liberal government (Talberg, Hui & Loynes, 2013). In order to understand Australia’s approach towards climate change, this essay will discuss the main influencing factors on Australia’s climate policy. It will begin with a theoretical approach, outlining the views of realists to explain Australia’s lack in action on climate change, which will mainly focus on the idea that in order to maximize relative gains, cooperation is difficult. The essay will then go on to discuss the economic implications that have been a…

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